Ellen alleviated my dog’s pain

Ellen alleviated my dog’s pain

I have known Ellen for 40 years now.  She is a strong woman of integrity and tells you like it is even if you want to hear it or not. She is talented and wise. With the use of The Body Code ™ and Reiki she has helped assist me with many animals in my care. One animal comes to mind, Cooper, an older dog that was experiencing a lot of pain.

For the last week of Cooper’s life Ellen worked with him every day. When I would call Ellen, Cooper would come and lay down next to where I was sitting on the floor, ready for his treatment. He intuitively knew that Ellen was helping him. After each treatment Cooper was in less pain and showed it energetically for the day. Cooper was waiting for his owner to come home and then pass on.

Ellen provided Cooper some comfort and strength to hang on. And as Cooper’s caregiver, some comfort in knowing what he was feeling, and it felt empowering to know that I could help in some way.

Thank you, Ellen, from Cooper and me.