Ellen King's Source Healing
  • - Ellen’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course changed my life!

    I was struggling with chronic pain, PTSD and depression. The magic of learning to live in the moment takes practice and the right tools to do so. Ellen delivers that and so much more. She is the most caring person, and her Mindfulness program, professionalism, and dedication to her clients is beyond stellar.

    I have signed up for three classes and each time there is something new that reinforces the principles she teaches. Every single member of the Mindfulness classes I have been in, personally benefited beyond words from Ellen’s work.

    I have watched the skeptics at the beginning of the course turn into happier people with each class. I was one of them in the very first class, but now am reducing meds, and my wife is so pleased with the progress in our lives since we moved here.

    You are the best, Ellen!


  • - I lost weight, stopped smoking, feel confident and happier!

    When I first came to see Ellen I was overweight, I smoked and was depressed about not being able to quit. I had tried many times without success and felt like a failure. Ellen used muscle testing and what she called Rapid Release to “talk” to my body and release feelings (in my body) that I had been holding onto for many years. Right away, I started to feel different. I had more energy. I couldn’t really explain what was happening, but I knew I felt better.

    Over about a two month period, we used the energy healing techniques. Ellen explained to me how the body holds emotions. She taught me how the body reacts to stress. She taught me how to listen to my body and understand that it’s really asking for help. When I was able to see things in a different way, I started to feel much better. I stopped smoking and I started to lose weight.

    I have now lost 20 pounds. I am much happier. I feel confident about myself and my ability to keep the weight off. Ellen taught me how to muscle test so I can test things for myself. I am more aware now and more in control of how I deal with my life. I am happier and my family is happier.  My life changed because I went to see Ellen.

    A grateful Elise

  • - Goodbye paralyzing depression, Hello Life!

    I worked with Ellen for about a year and a half. When I came to Ellen I could barely manage day to day tasks, was very depressed anxious, and had no motivation or energy. I had been off work for over six months at this point because I was unable to function there as well. Ellen taught me to find the tools within myself to help me cope with my situation. She helped me to look at circumstances in my life that were affecting me in a different way so I could deal with them effectively.

    Ellen was there for me every step of this process. She made herself available to me through sessions, emails, texts and phone calls. I felt that I wasn’t working through this alone anymore.

    Through working with Ellen, I am now “empowered” instead of the “victim.” I am living a very full, peaceful and happy life and have returned to work. I have been able to take charge of my life again and through working with Ellen, can now recognize “triggers” that can set me off, and deal with them before they become a problem for me.

    I am thankful for everything Ellen has helped me to learn.


  • - From grief to embracing life again!

    I first met Ellen through the recommendation of a mutual friend. Ellen opened the door and welcomed me in with a calm and gentle spirit. I was grieving the loss of a loved one and needed to find peace within but didn’t know it could be possible.

    Ellen spoke to my heart and allowed me the ability to pour my emotions out safely, which I had lost. During our Reiki sessions, Ellen’s love and passion for healing became the bridge to my releasing and letting go. The pain I was experiencing slipped away and I began to feel lighter, clearer as she helped me embrace life once again.

    Recommending Ellen to anyone who is in need of healing any part of their self – mind, body or spirit – is easy. As for me, I remain grateful to this beautiful soul who has become my friend.


  • - Free from getting stuck!

    I have been working with Ellen for many years now, experiencing her skills through all of her treatment modalities. The atmosphere she set allowed me to feel very comfortable while discussing the struggles I was having and effectively helped me achieve the changes I wanted – some of which I noticed immediately and others over time. At times, realizing it only after I was surprised to find that I didn’t get stuck in the same way. The changes have been profound and subtle.

    Ellen is very skilled at peeling back the many layers that often make up the “simple” concerns brought forward which has encouraged me to continue seeing her for a variety of issues.


  • - Ellen kept me breathing when my son died

    When I first walked into Ellen’s office 11 years ago, I was a grieving mother who couldn’t think past the incredible pain my family and I were in. My 22 year old son had just passed away suddenly. I was broken. My family was broken. In those first days and weeks, Ellen kept me breathing, and instantly became “my person.”

    I continue to take courses that she offers including the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course; and last year I was able to obtain my Level 1 Reiki.

    Grief is a lifelong journey. In the beginning you need help to survive each day. Then, as the months and the years pass your needs change. You not only need to survive, but you need to learn to live again. Ellen has worked with me through my grief, anxieties, depression, guilt, relationships, fears and health issues. I am so grateful that Ellen was the person who was initially assigned to me because I have not only benefited from her counselling and psychotherapy, but also from the other modalities that she offers.

    We have worked with hypnosis, pain management, Reiki, and Mindfulness. I have learned how connected the mind and body are. This has made a huge difference in my life. I now have the tools to help control my physical pain and my emotional pain. Whenever I am struggling with something I find myself thinking: What would Ellen say? I am learning to live in the present moment, be more accepting of things that I can’t change, and to laugh without guilt.

    I am a different person now than I was back then. I will always mourn the loss of my son, there will always be a hole in my heart; but, I am no longer broken. I have a calmness in my life now that I didn’t think was possible. There are still very hard days, bad things still happen; but, now I know that I will get through them.

    I have “my person” to thank for this.

    Thank you, Ellen.


  • Ellen alleviated my dog’s pain - Ellen alleviated my dog’s pain

    I have known Ellen for 40 years now.  She is a strong woman of integrity and tells you like it is even if you want to hear it or not. She is talented and wise. With the use of The Body Code ™ and Reiki she has helped assist me with many animals in my care. One animal comes to mind, Cooper, an older dog that was experiencing a lot of pain.

    For the last week of Cooper’s life Ellen worked with him every day. When I would call Ellen, Cooper would come and lay down next to where I was sitting on the floor, ready for his treatment. He intuitively knew that Ellen was helping him. After each treatment Cooper was in less pain and showed it energetically for the day. Cooper was waiting for his owner to come home and then pass on.

    Ellen provided Cooper some comfort and strength to hang on. And as Cooper’s caregiver, some comfort in knowing what he was feeling, and it felt empowering to know that I could help in some way.

    Thank you, Ellen, from Cooper and me.


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    I’m thrilled to be able to share this wonderful video of Jon Kabit-Zinn, the creator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. “Mindfulness” as most of you know, has become part of our vocabulary; and I am delighted that I took the course many years ago and am now teaching it. Check out my upcoming courses under: Event, and testimonials on the Testimonials page. Jon Kabit-Zinn